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Italian Style Projects for Office + Hotel + Café

KVM represent a group of Italian manufacturer companies,
specialized in the office, hotel, indoor and outdoor furniture.

We do the consulting and design estimates, coordinated with
them, service of delivery and assembly.

KVM FURNITURE LTD in Cyprus, responding to today’s modern demands, dares and offers solutions for the new century. Incomparable quality, high aesthetics and ergonomia, are the maincharacteristics that give prestige to the Office Furniture we offer.

We offer a full collection of Italian office furniture, that covers the total needs of any modern business. Office furniture (desks, chairs, partitions, cabinets) made with care and artistic feeling, according to your own personal demands. Moreover, Anatomic office chairs, made under the strictest European quality standards, provide comfort and high functionality.

All our office furniture are offered at highly competitive prices, giving you approachable solutions to your every need. Also Our well-trained expert interior decorators, offer free consultation proposing solutions for the best use of office space and functionality. In the pleasant environment of our showroom, the customer is able to make the right choices, from the complete solutions we offer him.

KVM, with experience and respect towards the client, beyond the given guarantees, offers perfect service, aiming for your complete satisfaction.

Why us?

We offer a broad range of products designed to meet the needs of today’s changing workplace and we recognize that communications is the key to serving you, our customer. We have over 25 years in the Furniture Industry, working on both small and large projects and we understand both furniture and how its use benefits the working environment.


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